perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

What is big and what is not

If tehse thoughts really are that huge and come to influence as widely as they maybe might, then that is the work of many people and all of them together would be one or two sentences in a thousand pages long world history book, or a small piece of news in a newspaper. And the newspaper is full of news, often about bosses, countries and districts, of things that handle really many people, and still there are so many news every day! Come to think of it, when I play a song, someone has composed it and I admire such things as worth a lifetime's work, just best songs in a song book, all songs so. Or anythings else, is I for example buy something from the shop, it is some good idea, skill, insight with style and good life. Just about all the things we meet are the work of some who are very skilled and have worked hard to achieve what they did. And so we buy a newspaper and the piece of news is one among a hundred and rest of the year there is nothing about it - but a mass of things done, worthy glamorous things all over everywhere, that's what we work for, I just didn't notice it before.

torstai 22. elokuuta 2013

How I learned my thinking skills

I have learned my thinking skills through practise. I was not especially intelligent to begin with but I have a character which values good spirit and good quality in everything.
The Finnish school takes as it's aim that each individual would be able to think things through by oneself and form one's opinions based on one's own good understanding. Storytelling, words, imagination, lying, style and depate are not valued. Instaed one values intelligent conversation where each individual tries to make life better in the society. So people are not seen as opposing each other but as comraden in a joint effort for good life and a good understaning of the world and of life. Social position is not valued but instead quality, moral and good character.
I tend to aim at thorough work. I value good quality. I am humble in a sense: I think that the world is great and I am just someone who does not have so much skills, so I try my best when the task is important. But if the task is not important for good life, then I let it go and do not bother about it.
I pay attention to almosy all types of things and never aim at certain style. I do not learn thinking by copying style but by trying my best in my own common sense like ways the tasks that I estimate challenging or important. I value free time especially mcuh, and music, sports etc. I value the type of intelligence that animals have, somelthing like arts. I enjoy the senses, especially the beauty of nature and quick motion while watching the landscape like bicykling or practising sports. I value religion, good moral and good spirit in things and think that these things are important in choosing the main things in anything in life, but I was not raised religiously, but as an atheist whose parents had taken science as their "religion". I value the way music perceives the world. I do not value math or computers but just survive them through. I think that they give no insight and are bad for thinking akills since they are so artifical. I prefer a walk in the nature watching the magnifient beauty ofg trees, such traing the eye sight for thinking and is much better for intelligence!
My ways of thinking are practical and with emotions and wisdom of life, with the sense of atmospheres too. So they are like those of people in practical professions like handicrafts and farming etc. And they are typical women's ways with the social observations done with the sense of atmospheres and an understanding of the social workings of the society.

tiistai 20. elokuuta 2013

My total work

When I was a small child I already felt intensively the lack of a proper picture of the world with which to guide one's life and solve the world's problems. In the following decades I built such a picture of the world and here in my texts I have tried to solve many big problems of the world. Mostly these answers are applications of rationally grounded moral, see
* my paradise theory
* curing future threaths, see the beginning of my book at
* moral for computers the first text there and the above mentioned book's view on moral that is so mechanical that it could be taught to future computers too

In addition:
* a view on work efficiency and feelings that supports much more free time if work results count
* advices on learning objective thinking and intelligence and the latter in Finnish language and contains a view on intelligence that could be used to shorten school
* so that humans could learn to respect natural healthy ways of living, it is useful if even some animals somewhere have learned human like skills and
* advices on learning moral
* feminist values: feelings and moral, explained for sovinists
* feelings for computers
* a theory of how to awaken from death via lightening one's way of living plus a guess on how to recover from ilnesses and wounds
* advices on how to learn talents and skills for one's dream job

These are the major things that I have written about. Now I no longer know which problem I should try to solve. I have only cerrtain answers, they are not fitted to every problem. So it seems to me that my work is already done, but of course I will keep my eyes open...

maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2013

My starting point as a child

When I was maybe two weeks old, my parents took me to forest,, to see the trees. And when I was maybe one month old they took me to a symphony concert. So I learned at an early age that in life one needs to be able to conceive complex structures.
But my observational abilities must have been not so good to begin with, since when I was 2 or 3 years old, I had a wooden toy with pieces of different shapes that fit into holes of the same shape in a wooden box. I remember thinking that it was quite difficult because the wide cross and the star looked almost exactly the same and likewise a half circle and a circle looked almost the same. One never could know which of them fitted to a hole of the same shape since I needed to turn them and turn them until finally they fitted in. Somehow I find it like an elementary version of finding solutions to a problem in thinking, see my thinking course for that!
In school I was longing for more profound views and philosophy of life, moral etc.

tiistai 26. maaliskuuta 2013

About my new ideas

What there are new ideas in my thoughts, seem to be mostlly interpretations from one perspective to another, easpcially from feelings to mechanical language and from moral to cool calculations. These skills are a result of using one single pictrure of each thing and of the whole world in my thinking, so each side of things is seen in relation to the other perspectives every time that either one is used. This is a habit and skill that I had already as a child. Propably it is born out of the emphazis on holistic rationality in my upbringing and of how I was talked about the differencies of people's views: "Propably they both (in a discussion/debate) are right in their views but they notice different things because they have different skills. The thing of course is the same but they notice different things about it. A wise one would notice all those things and more about it."

tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013

For You

I have made about a thousand (mainly soundless text) videos at . Most of them contain advices of some sort.
Then there is my book at .
And these over 30 blogs of mine.
Many of these are new perspectives and new ideas, new solutions to important problems. They are of no use unless others, very many others, grap them in connection with their work and favourite hobbies and make them more widely known. These are just ideas. Those who get famous for something are those who speak about it in their work. That is a whole lifetime's work.

Generally these thoughts have taken me a couple of seconds or less time to think about. Still, they are my best guess of what a solution to that question is like, so spending any more time pondering does not bring any new insight. Typically it takes me from 15 to 30 minutes to write them down, that is 30 times 15 or 30 = 450-900 times as long as thinking took.
Academical work is thought of as thinking work. If someone would like me to work in some of these subjects, that would even in one week (working 8 to 4 five days a week) bring 100 times time spend without any new results. In one year it would be 5 000 times, in ten yearns 50 000 times and in 25 years over 100 000 times the 450-900 times time spent in working compared to what the subject needs for thorough good work. That is about 50 million times the time that makes sense from the practical point of view. That is far too much!
So if you find yourself suited to work with some of these subjects, please take it to yourself, since I am not fitted to any academical work!
This is like 1 cm compared to 500 km! I much prefer the 1 cm of effort. Thanks... Anyway, it is the same amount of work done, just a different amount of labour invested.

There is a like difference in emotional intelligence: a life situation that takes me a second or two to adapt to, would require the average Finnish man a half a year. That is a difference of 1 : 10 000 000 or so.

maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

About my ways of thinking

* Every time that I meet an importtant question of the wide world that needs to be solved (like the need for better life of school pupils) and that I cannot solve, I mark up in my mind that is left unsolved and should be solved, what is my best quess about what I need to develop to be able to solve it, and make a very rough scetch of how much I would need time for that and how it would be possible. So since I do not give up and do not accept too low quality solutions, I develop better as the time passes. After 10, 20 30, 40 years of practise I maybe can solve what seemed impossible to begin with.

* I use a single picture in all my thinking. It is a picture of the whole world and formed from experiences and maps plus what else I have managed to learn. See Link for learning it. So when I meet some single perspective, I at the same time learn to see it also from other points of view since they are all in the same picture, like the same thing seen from different directions. This is no complex thing but a very simple trick, please see the link for that.

* Since I am not interested in thinking but in the usefulness of thinking, I concentrate on the essential and do not like to waste time pondering. So I manage to get bigger things done with less time used in thinking.

* Feelings, new things and other vague sounding things I mark up in the same picture of the whole world, and so across time I learn more about them aqnd their relationship to the rest of the world, and so they become concretical information which I can well understand.

* In my picture of the whole I let things keep their own atmosphere, so I know at once their sources and degree of trustworthiness. Like here is some thing and what someone has told me about it: two markings on top of each other but clearly separate because of having a different atmosphere.

* Often when I meet someone who has a skill that I admire, I try to learn their skills without giving up my own or my personality except for greater wisdom of life and what the changing of life situation and typical things to do brings. That goes easiest by copying the concentration to different sides of life: like seeing, hearing, moving, different types of sociality, emotional life, memory etc., that the skill is based on - but no more copying except what a social character brings.

* I have always noticed that trees are more complex than houses and other build things in our living environment. So I have noticed that looking at trees and comparing thoughts to trees brings superior intelligence compared to comparing to houses and looking at build things.