tiistai 26. maaliskuuta 2013

About my new ideas

What there are new ideas in my thoughts, seem to be mostlly interpretations from one perspective to another, easpcially from feelings to mechanical language and from moral to cool calculations. These skills are a result of using one single pictrure of each thing and of the whole world in my thinking, so each side of things is seen in relation to the other perspectives every time that either one is used. This is a habit and skill that I had already as a child. Propably it is born out of the emphazis on holistic rationality in my upbringing and of how I was talked about the differencies of people's views: "Propably they both (in a discussion/debate) are right in their views but they notice different things because they have different skills. The thing of course is the same but they notice different things about it. A wise one would notice all those things and more about it."

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