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My birthday and my childhood name

My birthday is 8. of August. As numbers 8.8. it brings to my ming four round circle like things of which two pairs are more closely connected. The healthy round forms bring to my mind symbiosis and a model of the world. So it is like one form of my paradise theory. I have not noticed it having influenced my thinking, except that I have come to notice the possibility of such a model and on the other hand my childhood environment maybe saw such a view as part of what I might be like because of my birthday.
Late summer is also a time of warmth at the same time with the need to defend the good things summer brings, the loves in one's life from the coming autumn and winter. So that too may have affected my view on what is the task of thinking, theory and work.

* * *

(7. March 2016
As a child I had the last name Hari, so my name Kaisa Hari bought the associations "keisari" = emperor and "tsaari" = Russian tsar (emperor). So I took it to my task to cultivate some of the good sides that people need to have to be good or at least worthy emperors, but I did not connect that to the emperor of China but to rulers of vast areas in general. At the same time I valued grass roots democracy in the Finnish way and not kingdoms as forms of government, much less empires.)
(24. August 2016
I did not have some role or ways of behaviour emperor like, not even sometimes. Instead I thought of emperors as persons who arrange things that people in wide areas need, who find solutions to difficult problems on wide areas of the nation and do that via thinking, discussing, understanding the world, cultures, different types of people, how they interact, what they need and how to arrange such, etc. So I thought of the position of an emperor like an ordinary citizen who in some task deserves well such a high position, negotiating about the affairs of the state. But emperor managing to do that more often, solve problems, negotiate, discuss, find solutions, support good causes, know things and workings of the nation and it's neighbours well - kind of like a relative for an ordinary person, taking part in discussion about something because one has often something valuable to offer, worthy of that role and partly because he/she is often around. So I thought that emperor needs support, needs to show his/her skilledness again and again and again.)

* * *

(11.11.2018   Some people think that children learn especially about names. I think that I learned about many things in life, but here is what I paid attention to in my name:
My first name Kaisa has the associations
kai saa = maybe allowed
kaikki = all
kassa = the person in shop to whom one pays
aina = always
aina saa = always allowed
kaikki saa = all allowed, or: allowed for all
kartta = map
kaitsea = to herd children somewhat like to herd cattle
aisa, aisoissa = controlled enough
keisari = emperor
About how this affected my life, the most important is the word "saa" = "is allowed" which meant that rules of game had to be always obeyed, and so just about evrything was in principle allowed even though often not in practise. The association "kai" = "maybe" hardened this rule via the need of always checking everything. The shopkeeper association made it needed to estimate the total sum, likewise the associations "all allowed", "all" and "always" and "emperor". "To herd children" was with the shopkeeper a milder version of "emperor", likewise "controlled enough" and "map". In my uopbringing my parents emphasized objective thinking with a picture of the whole very much indeed, likewise the culture, school and my parents' interest in science.

* * *

9.12.2018   As far as I remember, I was very skilled in objective thinking skills already in my mother's stomach. My mom was not at all good at thinking but learned school like things quite ok, so I could not copy from her, but since my mom's nick name Tita that was always used at home, is near the name "tiainen" which is a little bird that sings "ti-ti-tyy" and often lives near houses, maybe I was offered them as a forefirure to learn from already in my mother's stomach, kind of someone saying do they understand so much and my momn answering that they might, which I would have taken as a view of how things in the world could be, a world of little birds  too, and so would have learned from then singing. But so I never copied almost anything from my mom and only somewhat sometimes from my dad when we did something together. I think that such freedom is good to have, kind of positive for all and something many kids would need.
When I was a baby and my parents thought of what name to give to me, they were told also that it would be good if the baby too would think of a suitable name for itself, but I needed an advice for it and as far as I remember it, only very vaguely though, it was that if the baby has some strenght, some insight that seems to be of good quality, then see how high one could reach with such and choose roughly such name so that it serves as a helping aid in rising high  in skills as the child gets older. I had the skillof thinking of an individual in a healthy as part of the world, and understood about the connection of feelings and thinking, and from seeing ants I had learned how soldier like ways, moral work for the society amd athletic healthy ways of living & an individual living freely according to it's feelings and it's ages old nature produce the same result, and from my father's father I learned about selfish grounds for moral in educated thinking. So roughly in that direction was the name association "emperor", so via lack of better skills in choosing I chosen that name and my prents ended up in thesame result, even though they could tech me only objective thinking with a picture of the whole, some writing skills and traditional Finnish skills of living with the weathers and Finnsih nature and some understanding of Finnish art and Finnish society which is a grass-roots democracy. As a kid I was interested in politics but at about 12 years old I found out that such job was too difficult for me, my parents had given me too narrow starting point for it.
This text of mine might interest in connection with my ways of thinking : .

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