tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2015

About me

I am a woman with no kids and do not plan to have them since I am already 43 years old. I am of the type that likes a sports hobby, has a dos (nowadays two dogs) and likes practical physical work and life in the summer cottage (don't have one), somewhat spiritually inclined and morally conscientous, likes freedom and variation and good willing social life as a part of the society, I also like arts.

I am much like what Finns think that Finnish speaking Finns are like, but not school oriented or whatever foreigners think Finns to be like. Of foreign cultures I am somewhat interested in but not as much as most Finns, and I am much more interested in the wide world and global responsibility than any single foreign country or culture. Of foreign cultures I am interested in happy ways, living practical life close to the nature, moral and philosophy of life and religion. I was bought up in the capital district, so thinking and responsibility about the society and an understanding of healthy ways of living are my strenghts.

torstai 19. maaliskuuta 2015

People can know and understand more than forefigures

For someone to have thought something which matters, it has to be quite easy for many t learn, since otherwise others cannot build upon those thoughts. So a thinker is not necessarily very intelligent compared to others, not chosen from a wide group. Finding things that matter and that many can agree about demands some level of understanding, but that's it. A child can understand as much or more, even many children in somebody's aquiantages. Children have the potential to intelligence and wisdom. What is a recognized thought or theory, is just somebody's interest, somebody's who was with a good enough understanding that is not necessarily any better than that of many others. Children learn about the world and associate with many kinds of things, so they can sometimes learn amazingly much - and the too educated adult forefigures know amazingly little. The sma of course with other aquiantages: many can understand a lot even though they do not share the same majpor interests. It is no wonder if someone is better than some famous person. Starting from a different ground and knowing the same things that the forefigure noticed, one can notice also those things and something more f one's own or one's friends' thoughts too.
In learning about new things forefigures only does not bring the best understanding, since one needs room for individual observations too, from them one can later build better pieces of understanding. Individual understanding alone is also often lacking because peole tend tp have some common pitfalls, like a lack of a picture of the whole, a poor choise of social values etc, which a forefigure's example removes a little bit like more skilled company that allows also individual understanding.

tiistai 17. maaliskuuta 2015

I am not of media person type

I am fit for making some material for media and for teaching, not for being featured in the media myself.
Generally I can teach well: people learn and I can explain things so well that even evil persons agree about the need to be moral. But what comes to my social influence, that is typically toward worse, most likely because I look moral so others get moral looks without sticking to moral, and so they turn evil from the lack of social pressure toward moral. I am also almost always on the defence, finding grounds for my choices, instead of creating something that people agree about also when I am not present. I like nonverbal communication, so people tend to understand my views "naturally" when I am present and then forget them. I am also skill oriented and others typically position oriented, so I end up being lied to others that I am not as skilled as they are, even though they estimate me to be more skilled.
I am also somewhat difficult to classify. I like animal like things like sports and nature and practical things to do, feelings, gesture language etc, but I do not copy from animals so very much, more like some help for some skill every now and then. I have a somewhat poor memory, so I do some things differently from those who have a better memory - or is it just a better motivation, more convinced, for just those things to remember.

tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2015

Intelligence and social ways

Different people have differentprofessional and other skills. For being social, sharting life and for being able to communicate well one does not need to be of the same intelligence level etc. Common sense reaches far and upon the sense of sight you can build a good thinking ability, see http://quickerlearning.blogspot.fi . One can also usually find common everyday life analogies for complex phenomena, so that others without your strengths can understand them well if you explain them, like "like walking over a small stream by stepping on stepping stones" or other everyday phenomena.
Happiness isn't so much a question of intelligence but of how satisfying life you live: do you have enough content to your life, do you like things in your life, do you enjoy social contacts, etc. Healthy natural ages of´ld ways of living give content to life and strenght to meet obstacles, they also increse intelligence and make social life better.