lauantai 30. toukokuuta 2015

Work for common good means lots of effort saved

I do not have kids of my own. To a large extend that is good because I did not like school, so I would not like my kids going to school either and school lasts long years. On the other hand I can then think of all the kids and do a service to a larger group by caring for some major things of the world which someone just has to do but who. In Finland women often would like the men to learn some skills that are needed in life, but the typical suggestion has been that each woman should teach these things to one's own husband which is just absurd: 2,5 million times more labour needed for teaching the same thing. So if there is the same thing wrong with kids' lives or with the people's lives at large, I prefer to go the easier way: to solve the problems of the world, since it is just tiny fraction of the work needed at individual level if each individual has to be cared for separately.

perjantai 29. toukokuuta 2015

The readers get wiser

When a song plays in the radio, half way through the song and most people know it's perspective, it's wisdom of life. In addition they have their own wisdom of life. So it happens that once a song is in the radio but not before, the listeners are about as wise or wiser than the singer.
So I feel to be happening with my thinking course and the text about the future of computers. I am good at explaining and good at teaching, so at some phace the readers have learned. And so the common thinking errors that bothered me everywhere, are not seen so often. Instead people have a grasp of good well working common sense like ways to think. So there aren't so much left to teach for me in these areas of understanding. My job in these things is largely done, or fully done.

lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2015

Cyclic time

The largest use for my texts' ideas is in repairing the direction that the world is going in the future, in repairing future threaths and building solutions toward a better paradise like future. In that my book "2013: Paradise like era" in repairing the world's direction of development toward the original nature paradise, this time helped with the technology. That could bring a cyclic time: First there was a paradisefor a long time, for thousands of years or more, then it somehow got broken in a quite a short while, which though may have lasted for thousands of years, and then it quite quickly got repaired back again and there was again a paradise for thousands of years or more or much more. So in a way my book could be important. But if one examines what is original in it, there isn't nothing much of my own things but things that are somehow dependent on the times that we live: There is the biological picture of humans, objective thinking with a picture of the whole, Finnish rationally grounded moral, women's wisdom about the need for feelings in life, a common quest for happy life and more free time, and maybe something else too, but almost all things that are not so much personal strenghts as dependent on the times and culture's views on working life.

lauantai 9. toukokuuta 2015

My intelligence quotient

I was around 25 when I went to intelligence test and got the intelligence quotient i.e. test result 170 when the average of the adult population at the capital district or in the whole country is 100. So they measured my intelligence to be higher than that of 99.8% of the population. That is a result that took me some time to adapt to, but brought me freedom that was very benefical for my life and for my thinking, so I guess it was right in some way or in another.
Around those times I was interested in reading some books about zen buddhism and that is said to increase skill and intelligence. Anyway, I honestly estimated that I tended to make in intellectual things some 100 000 rimes more observations about each subject than the average academical person in Helsinki district. My books are some part of those thoughst that I estimated to be easy enough for others.
I did not suit academical work. I find much more important questions to be of right difficulty for me.
I am also quick in my thinking and need lots of stimuli to be happy and with content to my life, with exercise that makes my capacity good. If I think a subject throughly through in a second or two while the average academical person would in years think only a part of it with the help of book knowledge. That is a huge difference in pace of life.