lauantai 30. toukokuuta 2015

Work for common good means lots of effort saved

I do not have kids of my own. To a large extend that is good because I did not like school, so I would not like my kids going to school either and school lasts long years. On the other hand I can then think of all the kids and do a service to a larger group by caring for some major things of the world which someone just has to do but who. In Finland women often would like the men to learn some skills that are needed in life, but the typical suggestion has been that each woman should teach these things to one's own husband which is just absurd: 2,5 million times more labour needed for teaching the same thing. So if there is the same thing wrong with kids' lives or with the people's lives at large, I prefer to go the easier way: to solve the problems of the world, since it is just tiny fraction of the work needed at individual level if each individual has to be cared for separately.

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