tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2015

About me

I am a woman with no kids and do not plan to have them since I am already 43 years old. I am of the type that likes a sports hobby, has a dos (nowadays two dogs) and likes practical physical work and life in the summer cottage (don't have one), somewhat spiritually inclined and morally conscientous, likes freedom and variation and good willing social life as a part of the society, I also like arts.

I am much like what Finns think that Finnish speaking Finns are like, but not school oriented or whatever foreigners think Finns to be like. Of foreign cultures I am somewhat interested in but not as much as most Finns, and I am much more interested in the wide world and global responsibility than any single foreign country or culture. Of foreign cultures I am interested in happy ways, living practical life close to the nature, moral and philosophy of life and religion. I was bought up in the capital district, so thinking and responsibility about the society and an understanding of healthy ways of living are my strenghts.

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