tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2015

Intelligence and social ways

Different people have differentprofessional and other skills. For being social, sharting life and for being able to communicate well one does not need to be of the same intelligence level etc. Common sense reaches far and upon the sense of sight you can build a good thinking ability, see http://quickerlearning.blogspot.fi . One can also usually find common everyday life analogies for complex phenomena, so that others without your strengths can understand them well if you explain them, like "like walking over a small stream by stepping on stepping stones" or other everyday phenomena.
Happiness isn't so much a question of intelligence but of how satisfying life you live: do you have enough content to your life, do you like things in your life, do you enjoy social contacts, etc. Healthy natural ages of´ld ways of living give content to life and strenght to meet obstacles, they also increse intelligence and make social life better.

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