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Feelings have it right

I have written here on my blogs and on the links from tehre, many thoughts that go fully according to feelings. That aren't thought running wild. Instead it is largely a question of feeling understanding things right and being able to interprete feelings to thoughts.
More exactly it is feelings and atmosphere impressions. It has much to do with being honest, with not mixing imagination or lies to one's perceptions. I also don't replace the perception by words or some predetermined thought structure. Instead I use common sense and everyday perceptions with feelings, social feelings, life situations etc. I use a landscape like view of the world, so I do not err to tunnel sightedness. I also know that each thing brings to my mind many perceptions and many associations and I observe them all, without dropping parts away. I set them all one by one to be parts of my picture of the world, each in it's own size class and own context. (If you find it difficult to see so many things or to associate so many things, read novels, amybe listen music in the radio too.) I leave the observations there with the atmosphere they had naturally. So I do not make a new kind of lied marking but leave the perceptions untouched, so that they are as sure as possible and I can from thew original atmosphere know what kind of truth it is or whom I heard it from and what kind of talk was that. To these I add from my objective picture of the world remarks of why this might well be so, like following feelings often brings strenght compared to neglecting feelings and so also some basic need which causes weakness as a result.

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