lauantai 1. elokuuta 2015

Global though and local life

My upbringing was with science oriented not so knowledgeable parents, so what I learned about thinking tended to have wide areas of validity. In addition I have been very worried about the global future with technology, too much schooling, too hard working life, too stupid views and environmental issues. I have tried to solve such problems and since I am good at objectivity and good at generalizing and moral, What I find out in a single occasion I often can generalize to solve the same problem from others too, but that is so only in matters of general character.
On the other hand I live a local life, being interested in Finnish type of things, being adapted to just Finnish climate, knowing the Finnish culture but not finding even nearly as much fasciunation with other cultures, being an individual in Finnish way, having Finnish strenghts and not so much (unlike most Finns) the strenghts needed in other cultures or other climates.

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