tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013

For You

I have made about a thousand (mainly soundless text) videos at http://www.youtube.com/khtervola . Most of them contain advices of some sort.
Then there is my book at http://www.angelfire.com/planet/paradisewins/2013paradise.rtf .
And these over 30 blogs of mine.
Many of these are new perspectives and new ideas, new solutions to important problems. They are of no use unless others, very many others, grap them in connection with their work and favourite hobbies and make them more widely known. These are just ideas. Those who get famous for something are those who speak about it in their work. That is a whole lifetime's work.

Generally these thoughts have taken me a couple of seconds or less time to think about. Still, they are my best guess of what a solution to that question is like, so spending any more time pondering does not bring any new insight. Typically it takes me from 15 to 30 minutes to write them down, that is 30 times 15 or 30 = 450-900 times as long as thinking took.
Academical work is thought of as thinking work. If someone would like me to work in some of these subjects, that would even in one week (working 8 to 4 five days a week) bring 100 times time spend without any new results. In one year it would be 5 000 times, in ten yearns 50 000 times and in 25 years over 100 000 times the 450-900 times time spent in working compared to what the subject needs for thorough good work. That is about 50 million times the time that makes sense from the practical point of view. That is far too much!
So if you find yourself suited to work with some of these subjects, please take it to yourself, since I am not fitted to any academical work!
This is like 1 cm compared to 500 km! I much prefer the 1 cm of effort. Thanks... Anyway, it is the same amount of work done, just a different amount of labour invested.

There is a like difference in emotional intelligence: a life situation that takes me a second or two to adapt to, would require the average Finnish man a half a year. That is a difference of 1 : 10 000 000 or so.

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