perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

What is big and what is not

If tehse thoughts really are that huge and come to influence as widely as they maybe might, then that is the work of many people and all of them together would be one or two sentences in a thousand pages long world history book, or a small piece of news in a newspaper. And the newspaper is full of news, often about bosses, countries and districts, of things that handle really many people, and still there are so many news every day! Come to think of it, when I play a song, someone has composed it and I admire such things as worth a lifetime's work, just best songs in a song book, all songs so. Or anythings else, is I for example buy something from the shop, it is some good idea, skill, insight with style and good life. Just about all the things we meet are the work of some who are very skilled and have worked hard to achieve what they did. And so we buy a newspaper and the piece of news is one among a hundred and rest of the year there is nothing about it - but a mass of things done, worthy glamorous things all over everywhere, that's what we work for, I just didn't notice it before.

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