torstai 22. elokuuta 2013

How I learned my thinking skills

I have learned my thinking skills through practise. I was not especially intelligent to begin with but I have a character which values good spirit and good quality in everything.
The Finnish school takes as it's aim that each individual would be able to think things through by oneself and form one's opinions based on one's own good understanding. Storytelling, words, imagination, lying, style and depate are not valued. Instaed one values intelligent conversation where each individual tries to make life better in the society. So people are not seen as opposing each other but as comraden in a joint effort for good life and a good understaning of the world and of life. Social position is not valued but instead quality, moral and good character.
I tend to aim at thorough work. I value good quality. I am humble in a sense: I think that the world is great and I am just someone who does not have so much skills, so I try my best when the task is important. But if the task is not important for good life, then I let it go and do not bother about it.
I pay attention to almosy all types of things and never aim at certain style. I do not learn thinking by copying style but by trying my best in my own common sense like ways the tasks that I estimate challenging or important. I value free time especially mcuh, and music, sports etc. I value the type of intelligence that animals have, somelthing like arts. I enjoy the senses, especially the beauty of nature and quick motion while watching the landscape like bicykling or practising sports. I value religion, good moral and good spirit in things and think that these things are important in choosing the main things in anything in life, but I was not raised religiously, but as an atheist whose parents had taken science as their "religion". I value the way music perceives the world. I do not value math or computers but just survive them through. I think that they give no insight and are bad for thinking akills since they are so artifical. I prefer a walk in the nature watching the magnifient beauty ofg trees, such traing the eye sight for thinking and is much better for intelligence!
My ways of thinking are practical and with emotions and wisdom of life, with the sense of atmospheres too. So they are like those of people in practical professions like handicrafts and farming etc. And they are typical women's ways with the social observations done with the sense of atmospheres and an understanding of the social workings of the society.

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