tiistai 20. elokuuta 2013

My total work

When I was a small child I already felt intensively the lack of a proper picture of the world with which to guide one's life and solve the world's problems. In the following decades I built such a picture of the world and here in my texts I have tried to solve many big problems of the world. Mostly these answers are applications of rationally grounded moral, see
* my paradise theory http://2013paradise.blogspot.fi
* curing future threaths, see the beginning of my book at http://2013paradise.blogspot.fi
* moral for computers http://feelingcomputers.blogspot.fi the first text there and the above mentioned book's view on moral that is so mechanical that it could be taught to future computers too

In addition:
* a view on work efficiency and feelings that supports much more free time if work results count http://www.SoMuchMoreFreeTime.info
* advices on learning objective thinking and intelligence http://www.youtube.com/khtervola and http://pikakoulu.blogspot.fi the latter in Finnish language and contains a view on intelligence that could be used to shorten school
* so that humans could learn to respect natural healthy ways of living, it is useful if even some animals somewhere have learned human like skills http://lukevatkoirat.blogspot.fi and http://www.youtube.com/khtervola
* advices on learning moral http://healthilymoral.blogspot.fi
* feminist values: feelings and moral, explained for sovinists http://www.angelfire.com/planet/paradisewins/TPBCASAW.pdf
* feelings for computers http://feelingcomputers.blogspot.fi
* a theory of how to awaken from death via lightening one's way of living http://kuolemastajasurusta.blogspot.fi plus a guess on how to recover from ilnesses and wounds http://mututerveys.blogspot.fi
* advices on how to learn talents and skills for one's dream job http://nopeaoppisuus.blogspot.fi

These are the major things that I have written about. Now I no longer know which problem I should try to solve. I have only cerrtain answers, they are not fitted to every problem. So it seems to me that my work is already done, but of course I will keep my eyes open...

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