maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

About my ways of thinking

* Every time that I meet an importtant question of the wide world that needs to be solved (like the need for better life of school pupils) and that I cannot solve, I mark up in my mind that is left unsolved and should be solved, what is my best quess about what I need to develop to be able to solve it, and make a very rough scetch of how much I would need time for that and how it would be possible. So since I do not give up and do not accept too low quality solutions, I develop better as the time passes. After 10, 20 30, 40 years of practise I maybe can solve what seemed impossible to begin with.

* I use a single picture in all my thinking. It is a picture of the whole world and formed from experiences and maps plus what else I have managed to learn. See Link for learning it. So when I meet some single perspective, I at the same time learn to see it also from other points of view since they are all in the same picture, like the same thing seen from different directions. This is no complex thing but a very simple trick, please see the link for that.

* Since I am not interested in thinking but in the usefulness of thinking, I concentrate on the essential and do not like to waste time pondering. So I manage to get bigger things done with less time used in thinking.

* Feelings, new things and other vague sounding things I mark up in the same picture of the whole world, and so across time I learn more about them aqnd their relationship to the rest of the world, and so they become concretical information which I can well understand.

* In my picture of the whole I let things keep their own atmosphere, so I know at once their sources and degree of trustworthiness. Like here is some thing and what someone has told me about it: two markings on top of each other but clearly separate because of having a different atmosphere.

* Often when I meet someone who has a skill that I admire, I try to learn their skills without giving up my own or my personality except for greater wisdom of life and what the changing of life situation and typical things to do brings. That goes easiest by copying the concentration to different sides of life: like seeing, hearing, moving, different types of sociality, emotional life, memory etc., that the skill is based on - but no more copying except what a social character brings.

* I have always noticed that trees are more complex than houses and other build things in our living environment. So I have noticed that looking at trees and comparing thoughts to trees brings superior intelligence compared to comparing to houses and looking at build things.

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