tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2017

I am a historical person

I am in the context of world history a historically noteworthy woman, a thinker and a writer, maybe classified as a philosopher (theoretical philosophy), because I have written about the future of computers, about how to learn thinking skills and about the possibility of a future paradise.
The future of computers is an importent subject in present day world because computers are such a huge new factor and people wonder what they will develop into. I have written about how to build rationality, moral and feelings to computers, since those are all important to have and those were lacking from the computers. When computers have these characteristics, people will find more room for themselves to live according to the human nature. http://feelingcomputers.blogspot.fi first text of the blog.
The level of understanding is an important factpr determining the outcome of human endeavours. I have written about learning common sense like objective rationality with a good picture of the whole, about developing in intelligence and about the rationality of feelings. http://pikakoulu.blogspot.fi and http://quickerlearning.blogspot.fi
The future paradise that I suggest is healthy ways of living with world at a healthy state, which is the ages old best answer to the question of survival in the tough world, according to the theory of evolution. It is also the same as the paradise in the beginning of time, but this time with the texchnology long. This view could bring cyclic time, so it is a very long term question indeed, for example of an era of 100 000 years and world-wide. http://2013paradise.blogspot.fi and http://paratiisiteoria.blogspot.fi

In addition some might notice especially my texts about curing illnesses http://parantamisesta.blogspot.fi and about recovering from death http://kuolemastajasurusta.blogspot.fi , but those are just impressions, not sure thoughts like the rest of my texts.

I have written also lot of other subjects. Among other things (as a part of the paradise theory) about feelings in working life, see the book at http://workandfreetime.blogspot.fi .

I also would like to translate Finnish oetry to English, since I feel that it is wise and has wisdom of life that could cure the world.

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