keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2017

How much work I get done by writing

A few years ago I was continually thinking of what job I could get. So I couldn't help noticing that when I wrote a sort piece of something, that was often a so big idea that it could have brought content to whole lifetime's work, or for the remaining 20 or 25 years or working life. So I continued writing. Now still I am amazed how many such pieces I have written, typically from one to a few in a day, and that is an enormous amount of work, ideas, compared to what I could have contributed in an ordinary job. So I have still contyinued writing, even though I feel that I do not have much left unsaid, if anything. (It is like this with most of my texts but the cure suggestions to illnesses are just impressions, not sure skills.)

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