perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2016

Intelligence differencies are largely not inborn

I have the impression that I do not have a larger capacity than what others in Finland would have the potential capacity to. Thinking ability is build largely on basic areas of life like looking, feeling, getting social impressions,having likings, moving etc. My impression is that the difference in intelligence may be due to differencies in ordinary visul environments as a baby, since my parents values the nature and especially trees and little birds, which might be a typical characteriustic of how I look at structures and rythms, while some other tend to conceive them as if they had watched kitchen wall and some sitting people, or the like, so their interest in structures is tuned to less complex and less landscape like and rythms, areas of life etc different too. Another difference is in others doing some task like thinking or seeing and then adding to that some extra thing they are fond of and so losing the original skill level in the percpetion and ending up with something much less landscape like, much more short-sighted. So the others think that they have extra capacity and time to use to some differemnt miussion, while I was fond of just watching and doing practical concretical things, so my concretical landscape like thinking ability stayed like in the perception while they lost it without any great difference in capacity.

Trees are good in that they are alive, complex structured wholes, there is a lot to look at in them, their parts have atmosphere and emotional style interwined with their form, the way they have grown, they are healthy wholes, they have idea in how they grow, they live in circumstancies but find their way freely in them in a healthy natural ages old wise way that one can compare to human life, trees from the same climate teach good ways of living in that climate, they healthy and good models so for life, they have lots of variation but symmetries too, they teach to look at landscapes, their have both details and a magnifient looking whole, they look different in different weather and ytime of the day, one can learn wisdom from them, one can learn to healthy ways of living to those ages old ways of living that are best for humans for reaching happiness, full capacity and a good wise understanding of the world.

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