sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

About how I learned good quality thinking as a child

My parents were very theoretically inclined, enthusiastic about science and math but not intelligent and not good at practical things. I always longed for concretical practical world, for practical things like in household tasks with children, gardening, life at the summer cottage, wondering at the beauty and amazing structures of nature, practical professions, physical work, sports, trade, maybe police's work. So I was keen at looking, very interested to see and experience things of the world, everyday life things with their multitude of characteristics, structures, practical uses, behaviour, feelings etc. And my mother was always interested in tiniest observations too since she was not so good at making observations herself, so I kind of learned to pay attention to things well when I looked at them, and to live ina  landscape of environement and life in it. So I learned practical common sense like objective thinking but not so much practical skills because my parents always wanted to take everything theoretically.

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