tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2015

What I have read

As a kid I read adventure books which I liked very much, the ordinary children's (mostly boys' plus about animals) adventures and from knights to animals and indians. I also read detective novels which I did not like so much. I read also many cartoon books like Lucky Luke. Later my parents forced me to read science fiction novels but I did not like the people in them. Later I read some fantacy books and liked the practical life in them. I also read as a young adult New Age books which I liked very much (especially about Zen Buddhism, Chinese classic Tao-Te-Ching translated by Stephen Mitchel and Carlos Castaneda's books). Around then I read John Steinbeck's books (about farming and practical life) and poetry which I liked very much. (This was in the capital. Now I have moved to Savo.) Lately I haven't read so much, mainly the local newspaper Itä-Savo (from which I copy, i.e. learn some things about skills and local life, and women's magazine MeNaiset which I do not copy from).

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