keskiviikko 16. syyskuuta 2015

About my relationship to moral

As a kid when I tried to understand what work is and what it is needed for, I kind of thought that doing something useful that some others want to pay for and that a society is a kind of sum of the work done plus similarly free time activities' sum. So I kind of though that the idea in doing work is to make the world a better place to live in. On the other hand money is an important motivation for work, so this view does not taste like moral, more like selfishness.
But when I come across something that handles moral, I typically like it. I like that people have feelings, that they understand the world also emotionally which I take to be a part of a full understanding. I also like that there is some idea in doing things, that it makes sense for the world, for life. I also like that there are good possibilities in a society for good life: just make your choises, what kind of life you want, what kinds of things to do, to aasociate with and that's your work, those are your hobbies, your life in the society, just go and enjoy it!

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