keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2015

The name of Helsinki

I do not know, whether this has any signifigance, but when I was a kid in Helsinki, I lived in a very rationality oriented environment, which was a value for both my parents and for the whole capital district. So when my not-so-rational little brother was interested in following names and among them the name of the town, I thought of that too in the rational context, like was typical for all subjects around there. The ending "-ki"or "-kin" means in Finnish language "also", so the name "Helsinki" got via English language the association "hell sin also", which I have always taken to mean that one should in one's rational estimates (of things in the world and in social contacts) also take into account the possibility of some doing hell sin, so being more prepared, more safeguarded, on stronger rational grounds. So I guess that my book "2013: Paradise like era" is of that type too, especially my booklet "Curing modern horror scenarios" safeguards against dangers not present or not in power (because of good safety arrangements). Being more prepared.

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6.12.2015On Finland's Independence Day
Of course there is also the view which I have always most liked that Finns have so high moral that the rest of the world seems in Finns' eyes to be fond of hell sin like things, and so the only way to get along with foreigners is along the lines of what Finns consider hell sin. But that view of course presupposes that one should not do any sin, that one should cure the rest of the world to be moral too, and that the lack of Finnsih type of moral in the world or in the capital is no excuse for being less moral, one should aim for as high moral as possible, always.

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