sunnuntai 3. kesäkuuta 2018

A game: sinking ships

I just rememebered a game of sinking war ships we sometimes played when I was a kid, mainly against my mom, and it maybe increased problem solving skills later, but we did not play it so often.

Mostly there are just two players. Each player has a grid boxed ordinary writing or counting paper and a pen. They choose a square of a suitable size, for example 8 times 8 boxes, and a nice number of war ships fitting well to it, for example one row of five boxes, two ships of four, three ships of three boxes in a row, four ships of two and five ships of one box.  They also number the boxes by marking numbers from 1 to 8 to the side  and letters from A to H to the top so that each box is easy to refer to.
Then they each secretly, without showing to the opponent, draw the ship outlines to their water area. No twio ships may be side by side but corners touching is ok.
Then they try to guess where the ships of the other player are and hit them to sink the ship under the water. They each in turn mention a box, for example B3, and the other one checks if there is a ship there in her/his paper, and so she/he answers "It hit but did not yet sink." or "Flew past." if there is no ship there, or "It hit and it sank." if there was a ship and it's all places had been hit. So they need another box where to mark their guesses theyt have already made: just cross the box in quaéstion and make some mark of whether there was a ship there. Similarly you can on your own ships' pool make markings of the guesses the other onbe has made.

Somehow I feel that this is good for making guesses about possible solutions and for building upon the werll working ones.

* * *

15. July 2018   My mom always said to me that killing in war is needed and so it is good to have soldiers' skills, both shooting and fighting and sports skills and thinking skills and other skills and understanding about the workings of a society. But that preparing to make murders is a different thing since it is usually done in the shelter of lies and acting, which as a habit as one prepares for future murder possibiluity is too much lies and cunning to allow one see clearly how things go in the world, and so it is not advisable but should be avoided. Killing in a peace time fight she did not consider likewise bad, if it is an honest fight. But many do plan to make murders and practise skills for them, and so they lose sight of the society at large, and often of wisdom of life too, and misjudge typically who is like what and who should be supported and who did not bejhave werll enough to fit into a society.
If one compares to this game, an honest one is not always in trouble, because honesty is a different thing from being talkative. An honest person also more often is supported by high skills, while liares often cover a lack of skills. An honest person also often sees what is true in the words of another one, while a liar tends to lose sight of which claims are honest.

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