lauantai 5. toukokuuta 2018

My mom liked mathematics

My mom was always fond of mathematics. My parents called mathematics the queen of sciences.  My mom once said that seh had had in school math number 11 on scale from 4 to 10, and that later the teachers had rised it to 14. I did not believe it then, but could it have explained why my parents forced me to study math in university, even though I never had even glimpse of any new idea, of any work result in math. My mom was full of new ideas for new math results. She seemed to keep associations in daily life as sources for new ideas in math.
I have never liked math. I am much more inclined to objective thinking like philosophy and to practical things to do, arts, nature, religions, caring the world to a good state. I did not feel that math studies after schoolwould have had any use for anything. I have written my view about my mom's math talents in my Finnish blog

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