keskiviikko 14. helmikuuta 2018

My cultural environment

I was bprn 1971 and lived my childhood and as teenager and young adult inthe capital district of Finland, which is culturally very academical and work oriented, also inclined toward government and grass-root democracy. I wrote my books there and made most of my videos.
In the summer 2009 I moved to Savonlinna in southern Savo in eastern Finland, which isculturally very different, oriented toward opera, art, summer cottage life, elderly, handiworks,religion, practicaöprofessions, travel and trade plus offering a holiday for the travelleras. First these we just possible areas of life for me but I looked at them from my old culture,maybe for three or four years so. Then during the next four years I have looked things increasingly from the points of view of this new local culture. And right now I came to think that maybe for half a year, since the summer 2017 I have looked at things so much fromthe view of Savonlinna, that my texts already should be classified as products of ways of living in Savonlinna. it's culture and strenghts & weaknesses.

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