tiistai 23. tammikuuta 2018

I was not a quick learner in school to begin with

I was not a quick learner in school to begin with, in the first class, maybe on the three first classes, since the things were so new to me, but then got bored of the repetition and technical details, and overly bored in the last years of school, and college after that was just about torture, so mindless it was, when I would have been interested in practical things and art.
If I remember right, school started in the middle of August, and I learned to read in the end of November. My mom used stuck school like ways to think, which maybe slowed my learning, while my own objective ways to think were like philosophy and skilled objective thinking with a picture of the whole, like the natural sciences bbut without experience in their studies.
So I guess that three years of school would have made sense, six years still work out somehow, nine years much too much and twelve years just mindlessly torture like overly much.

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