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About my toys, books, pets as a child

When I was a child, I do not remember how old, I had a black hairy gummy spider and a real lookinh big black gummy "kyy" snike that I once hid in the grasses in our garden and my mom got scared. I also had a maybe 15 cm high plastic sceleton that one can hang in a table lamp and shake to make it kind of dance. It slightly glowed like with phosphor, if one first had it in strong lught and then shut the lamp to be in dark. My mom took it away. When I was 12, we bought from Thailand a snake to that one can pull in a stirng and it had wheels under it's head and a light brown paper tail. My mom liked kind of scientifical or engineering toys like Rubik's cube and we had a similarly working chain of green and light triangles like a snake from which one could form different shapes like a ball etc. We later had the outer shell of a big insect that had grown out of it and changed to a flying insect, it was in a match box.
My mom made made read enermously, first adventure stories which I liked, then Agatha Christies detective novels which she termed usewful for life, and then enermously schence fiction stories which was not so nice and which was harmful for my possibilities of choosing myself what profession to take. She was inclined toward engineering like science and math.
When I was 13, we bought a dog. It was supposed to be a Finnish spitz, but we ended up with a black poodle. But it was very energetic and quite nice. I wanted to become a hair dresser, so I liked ro trim it's coat, and still like such.
Maybe connects to the same that I would have liked to play violin, but my mum and dad arranged me to play a black accordeon. But I like music very much.
I would have liked to become a dnace teacher or a dancer, but my mo did not let me to ballet like other girls did, but later I had traditional Finnish dance as a hobby, but it is just steps and the like, not danced with the whole body like I would have wished. Later my parents made me start Japanese martial art called aikido. Sports suited me but not just aikido.
Before the first class of school begun, I was thought to be so intelligent and responsible that I would noyt need to go to school. But my mom bought me a poster of little singing bird speces called tit, and adults said that because the leader of the school was called Tit by his last name, I should be an eager stiudent in school, just absolute nonsense: those adults would have needed to go to shool and not me! I never fitted into the school, it was just ytoo low level for me and I suffered from it enermously. The Finnish law allows studying by oneself but my mom and dad did not allow.

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