sunnuntai 24. syyskuuta 2017

Me as a writer, somewhat like a journalist

I get from somewhere the styleand way of living that a fiction wrtiter has, but that is not the type of texts that I write, neither is it the way I live. Maybe someone claasified me wrong because of the paradise (It is written purely objectively! sounds like a novel if not read at all. I write texts to the internet, only fact texts (except some robot stories quite long time ago). It fascinates me that the magnifient things I mention become possible for the reader via reading my text, by teaching them in the text I build a road for better life in a better world. I feel that my niche is in writing texts to the internet a little bit in the style of our local newspaper Itä-Savo which is arts oriented, travel oriented, somewhat religiously inclined and admires the life in the summer cottage. Maybe also somewhat in the style of some magazines. And also some skilled persons, maybe elderly, writing views about subjects of importance objectively but with insight. And writing teaching material for a large audience.
But I just write to the internet, with no wage. I write somewhat like about hobbies but with quality criterions of real work. I am a female writer with academical background in natural sciences and among others an arts hobby.

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