torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017

My areas of life nowadays

Looking around in my home I notice that I do not have so many areas of life nowadays:
music and painting (as interests, but kind of not in tune lately),
two areas of life that I formerly enjoyed but haven't practised lately at all: wilderness guide course and circus with my dogs,
daily things: religion and writing, everyday life with my dogs,
sewing and handicrafts as an interest that I haven't done with so much but what is easy to learn in Savonlinna.
In addition I read a local newspaper of Savonlinna and a women's magazine that offers a kind of more complex view that most magazines, which is a relief.

Unfortunately my forme sports hobby for over ten years is absent, I just walk the dogs in any weather.
In addition an interest in life herein Savo, which is so different from the capital district.

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