perjantai 19. toukokuuta 2017

There are other women with roughly the same name

My whole name is Kaisa Hannele Tervola, but I like the name Hannele, so I have for maybe ten years or more called myself Hannele Tervola. But it appears that there are also other women with the name Hannele Tervola.
As a child and young adult I had the last name Hari and then for under two years the name Ekholm and now Tervola for some 12 years.
As a child and young adult I lived in the capital of Finland Helsinki. During that time I spent one year in a farming school in Inkoo quite near Helsinki and weekends in Helsinki. Then lived some 4 years in the neighbouring town Espoo. And now I have lived alomost 8 years in Savonlinna in southern Savo in the eastern Finland.
I was born August 8th 1971 in Helsinki. So I am now 45 years old.
I am a woman. I have never been married or engaged. I do not have children. I have two medium size companion dogs.

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