torstai 4. helmikuuta 2016

My writing work is done

I started writing in the autumn 1998. Now in the beginning of 2016 I cannot think of more subjects that I would need to write about. I have already written everything responsibility demands me to write. That makes 17,5 years of writing, huh! Maybe I will still be adding something smaller, but right now I do not have anything more to write. The last year I have written mostly about the seasons.

17.4.2018   I have still been writing, largely adding new pieces that seem to be needed and that are quite easy to make with my skills. Lately that has largely been teaching skills and cure attempts to diseases. This spring the flow of writing hasn't been carrying like earlier though, but more like out of tune, not so good quality, but I do not know if that means the writing work is coming to an end. For the last few years my thinking has been fuelled by what I learned about painting, especially about painting tree branches, kind of have found a wiser viewpoint, a wiser approach that way. I have no iudea what to continue to if my writing years end. What I write nowadays are still needed additions and link recommendations to my texts. Some translations are missing.

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