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Some facts about me

I do not know if these matter, but I mention them just in case.
I am an absolutist: I never drink alcohol and do not use drugs and dislike the idea of needing medicines. I like sports, nature, practical things to do, moral, feelings and healthy ways of living.

In the capital district people who knew me typically said to me that I am the most rational person they have ever met and maybe the most responsible too. When I was younger and went to school, people who knew me said that was and was already to begin with the kind of person to which school aims to raise young people to: thinking with my own brains and carrying responsibility like an adult should. In school I typically got the highest grades: typically 9 or 10 in almost evrything. When I graduated from school, my average was (after 12th grade)  9.5 (9.7 after 9th grade)and I wrote 5 laudaturs. But I did not value school very much, since I already could those things, my parents taught such at home since they were overly interested in science. I myself like sports, the nature, animals, wisdom of life and moral, and practical things to do and arts.

Already in my mother's stomach as a small start I was maybe more intelligent, more common sense like rational and more healthily inclined than her, who was academically inclined and had liked school very much. That was mostly because she thought of the start of a baby as an animal like being who should learn from animals and the trees etc if one only can in stomach but maybe one can from there somehow conceive the world.

My mom and dad were less intelligent than me and my brother, so they taught us almost solely things that they had read from books, since their own attemps were almost always much less skilled than mine, and I guess that also less skilled than my brother's.

My mom has had since she was a small child a nickname that has the assosiation "Look!" and she was always showing us things: "Look at this!", "Look, what is here!" and of things to think about "Can you see how it goes? I am not sure.". Thta was in the style of naturaö sciences, school and liking the nature.

I was about 20 years without tv. I had studies that I did not like at all and considered it unbearble to go to studies, then sit at home watching tv and then go to studies again unendingly. I preferred to go out in the evenings to my hobbies and the like. Besides, I did not have at all enough money for the tv fee. Instead I listened a lot to the radio, mostly pop songs in the local radio City. Nowadays I watch from the tv mostly news and don't like anything that has actors.
I was also for a very long time without a newspaper, because it was much too expensive, but I read the free papers available and whenever there was Helsingin Sanomat or whatever newspaper available somewhere for free I read them.

My parents were atheists and forbid strictly Christianity from me. But I had a liking for religion and a need for philosophy of life. People considered me suited to being Christian but never gave me the chance, propably because I am by character one who takes things seriously, with heart too and moral, so I kind of looked religious without it being religion. People used to tell me that they would like to be atheists. In my 20s my mom brought to me books about Zen Buddhism and the book Tao-Te-Ching in English and I read them and across the years learned something about Buddhism and Taoism, i.e. Asian wisdom anout happiness and skill, which though is not a religion. Later on I have been interested in Christianity.

I have studied 18 and a half years: 9 + 3 years of school, 5 years of university, 1 year in farming school and half a year on a wilderness guide course.

Lately, for some years now I have read mainly only two magazines (women's magazine MeNaiset and local daily newspaper Itä-Savo) and internet news.

I have never been much interested in moving to live abroad. Of all the countries of the world I would have chosen just Finland, because I enjoy Finnish ways of living, the Finnish nature, the Finnish climate and the Finnish culture with it's good sides about what the society, moral and social relationships and life are like. I am somewhat interested in travel though, but have not travelled much. I have been interested in Eastern Finland all my life, but as I live in eastern Finland it is not like I was told, and I was originally from the capital district and am somewhat interested in the whole Finland. I also want to know about other cultures, countries and climates.

In school I was the best pupil of my class for maybe roughly half of the school time. In the ordinary school my final grades were 9,7 on average (and 9,9 on academical type of school subjects). Fron college I wrote five laudaturs year 1990 and my average grades were 9,5 on the ordinary scale from 4 to 10 .
Before I entered school at the ordinary age of seven, it was thought that I would not need to go to school since I was so rational and responsible myself. But to learn to read and write I was entered school in the ordinary way. And I never felt the need for going to school. It was just a burden, especially because I have so poor memory that I cannot just leisurely sit and still remember everything. I suffered very much from going to school. There absolutely is a need to take into account the differencies in intelligence, upbringing and responsibility, to take them into account in common sense like ways, fairly toward the kid.

I was raised in the capital of Finland Helsinki ja my parents said they were Finnish and so they always spoke Finnish in daily life and sometimes somehwat clumsy English with foreigners. They taught me Finnish culture but as teenager and young adult I was surprised at how little they in practise followed it. Lately (I am now over 40 years old) I have watched in the internet some videos about Russian places. My father always had the style of Novosibirsk town in western Siberia in Russia. Maybe he (or many men from there) was from there or an admirer of the place, even though he never talked about it. And my mom was an admirer of Chinese working life, but the style I most remember about her is of Irkutsk city in central Siberia in Russia. But sometimes she reminded me of some other countries too by her style - maybe it were across the years several women fond of Chinese workers and liking men from Novosibirsk?

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