maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2015

How my parents always said

My parents had a positive attitude toward children learning new things. When I learned something typical for my age, for example to tie my shoelashes, my mother always said that it is a wonder how I learn, a little while ago she could not do it but now she can, miracle. My father always seemed happily satisfied when my mother told such, yhymm, smile. She did not have a clear idea of how I learn or what skills is like, instead she let me have my own way of doing and learning, my own idea of each skill. She also did not make me repeat my achievements, they were miracles to be told to my father and to other adults in our dauily environment, but they did not deteriorate into reaching for points or trying to achieve school like. Enev though my parents values school and science overly much which was a real burden.

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