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Books about the rationality of feelings and sexuality

I have written about the value of feelings and instincts in working life, from the point of view that feelings help to achieve best performance for any work, best capacity and skill. nd that following instincts like sexuality, sense of beauty and the need for social life is similarly useful. My blog introduces these to working life, giving a chance for much more free time with a full time wage on the condition that free time is fully according to feelings and along the lines of healthy natural ages old ways of living on all areas of life. On a link from that blog is my book Theory of Sexuality, or is it named Hard rationality oif feelings and instincts in that version. It is mostly about the value of feelings in working life but uses that understanding to explain the value of sexual affairs for working life too.
My book "Tough Power Benefit Calculations About Sex & Women" adds to that book the value of moral from the point of view of beneficiality and examines the thus built picture of the world which suggests that a moral paradise is economically and militarily the best option.
My thick books "Year 2013: Technologized nature paradise" and "2013: Paradise like era" are collections of my texts and include both books about the value of feelings and sexuality. The first book is s part of the second one.

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