perjantai 9. lokakuuta 2015

Whom I do not copy from

I guess that besides from copying skills from wild animals, I also to a large extend do not have some very usual forefigures.

I have never copied from actors, never wanted to learn acting. I think that acting creates a mess. It removes safety nets, makes you vulnerable to pressure and hides these disasters from sight. Besides, joy and happiness in lfe come from you living life according to your own nature and if you even hide your expressions or pretend to be like somebody else, you go numb, unfeeling at that part of your life. Also skills demand that you do things in practise and not just pretend, since typically skills are not difficult for most but do demand that certain things are really done with quality. Also social relationships are rewarding if your true self associates with the true friendly selves of others according to the rule "Live and let others live", and if you only pretend these you end up in a soup of chores and obligations instead of free life in contact with others.

I also never have admired technology and engineers. Instead I consider them more stupid than others. It is just that engineering does not have much to say, so the people from other areas of life feel stupid when they associate with engineering and do not have much to say. Common sense is much better! Arts and religions are where you can find intelligence plus in healthy natural life and good moral.

I never copied from evil deeds and from devil like persons, since they appeared engineer like and short-sighted in my eyes, also disastrous for the society and the future.

In sexual affairs I never wanted to change to be just like that other person, not even as young. Also when I admire someone or some skill, I do not admire so much as to want to change my way of living. Instead I try to find the best ways of living for me and adopt them.

I never copied food oriented things from those who did not have healthy well working and happy ways of living. For example I did not as a kid admire the fat ones or especially wait for meals or candy. As a teenager I was not interested in alcohol and I stil don't drink. I think that drinking postpones making needed corrections. It also causes one to copy from those moments when relaxedness was not of one's own doing, and so one ends up being tense. It also colours positive things as something caused by drunkenness and so removes them from seriously taken alternatives, from seriously taken good things in the world.

I have just about never played with dolls as a child. I had some furry animal dolls though and I played a little bit with them. But I was much more interested in little singing birds, ants and later in our own pets: fisr aquarium fishes, then mice and hamster and when I was 13 we bought a black energetic miniature poodle puppy boy. One can learn wild animals' skills by looking at them and being social: their keen eyes, sporty movement, social life in the middle of everyday action, even pondering about life. And one learns normal social ways from them: to be observant, to take others' actions into account and not treating them like a dead artifact, like one playing with dolls, and letting them be what they are in character, situation of life, skills, feelings etc, thinsg done, and not putting imagination on top of that like one playing with dolls does wrong to real beings.

I mostly haven't watched tv. As a child my parents had a negative attitude toward tv and tried to keep it to a minimum of evening news, sometimes some documents and not much else. Later on I thought that free time hobbies and pals were what I needed and not sitting the evenings watching tv alone, so I didn't have a tv. It was so for some 20 years. Now for a few years I have had tv but haven't had the habit of watching it almost at all. But I used to listen to radio a lot, mostly music and news.

My mom was not very friendly, caring or wise. She was much like a step mother. Neither was my father so wise, friendly or caring. So I did not copy from them anything, especially not very much needed basic things in life.

I do not watch TV almost at all. When I was a child my parents opposed watching tv. School demanded that kids should watch tv, so we watched some tv. But when I at the age of 21 moved to live on my own I did not have tv. Nowadays I have tv but I do not have the habit of watching it at all, so mostly, typically for weeks or months I do not watch it at all and even when I watch it is only a short piece, an attempt. The effect of watching tv is not benefical on my life, it somehow disturbs my daily life the same day and on the following day.

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