lauantai 17. tammikuuta 2015

Soldiers and army

I was raised in Helsinki where at least academical people appeared to be very doubtful of the need to go to military service. Since they could not think of better alternative, at least not yet working one, they let things stay but still were doubtful about the need for an army and valued a lot intelligent conversations and peaceful ways.
(In Finland it used to be that only men go to military service and they may choose between military and civil service. Nowadays those young women who so wish, can go to military service. The possibility came when I was maybe 25 but I was not interested in it, since I am not a malicious character and going to army brings a colder reputation, more manlika.)
I think otherwise. I think that justice needs the ability to defend oneself, one's group and moral ideals. And also in conversations those whose tactic works well for others too, get best listened to, and those with serious drawbacks to others get bypassed.

I have since I was a baby tried to be a good soldier. For me that has meant sports and trying to have a good capacity in most skills. But mainly I have been interested in the role of a strategist and in the viewpoint of highest leaders where one thinks of the whole society, both peace and war time, and of the enemy nation's workings and of the rest of the world with it's influence, dynamics and values. In personal life this has meant interest in social skills and in the workings of the Finnish society at the level of individuals and wisdom of life. That is why my book is somehow from the military point of view, yet at the same time quite peaceful and economy oriented. I have tended to think that to be a woman and to be from a small peaceful nation with democracy share this same mixture of wise tactics in military questions leading to a more peaceful situation yet with the army needed.

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