perjantai 17. lokakuuta 2014

The scales in my life

The global future is a huge question, much bigger than anything else we usually associate with. If now that I have written what I know about global issues, I take a look at the scales in my life, it is much different. Global future for maybe three lifetimes or whatever it is, is at the scale of 20 000 000 000 people. My position after I have written is as a moral individual with a good understanding, at the scale of Finland, my hometown Savonlinna or smaller. So from the global scale of 7 000 000 000 people I have changes to 1/1400 or 1/ 300 000 of the scale of the previous context, plus time scale getting much shorter. Still my own life is at the scale of one person, which makes it still 1/30 000 smaller, that means 1/ 20 000 000 000 of the scale of my texts on the global future. And what I get money from is likely to be on the smallest scales too, my work less important than my moral. In a sense it aren't such a big difference though: I was just writing, a piece of knowledge tnat I happened to know, communicated with my teaching skills. That is very different from making decisions, from commanding anything - such power I haven't ever had. And now my work is done.

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