maanantai 12. toukokuuta 2014

What I build upon

School and the university never suited me, I suffered from them and build nothing much upon them in my thinking or in my life at large. When I think of my education, I think of my time in the farming school, which I enjoyed very much and foud good for me in many ways, and my time in the wilderness guide course, which was a dream come true for me. In thinking too I build upon my life at large: doing practicalthings, admiring the beauty of nature, practising sports, taking part in the environmental movement, communicating with animals, singing, reading poems, painting, reading oriental philosophy and praying and doing women's culturally valuing things. I did not learn much in school, neither in university. My science skills I learned at an early age from my parents and my thinking got stuck in the university and it was a great relief to get rid of my studies there and to do practical things and practise sports which make me many times as intelligent just like that. Later on I learned a lot from teaching circus tricks to my dogs.

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