torstai 23. tammikuuta 2014

My intellectual forefigures

My parents were always enthusiastically interested in science and mostly only in science. So I was taught scientifical thinking and the goal of a career in scientifical research from early age always when I associated with my parents.
But I didn\t have much own ambitions of the same kind. My parents' views were narrow in the sense of science only, so I had myself the  goal of building a better world view. When I was 15, I saw a video of the Finnish philosopher Georg Henrik von Wright speaking and he seemed to have a picture of the world which I admired then. Laso later on I have valued the intelligence of theoretical philosophy and also listened to some lectures in it.
But more than that my thinking has been influenced by my idea of my roots as a Finn> of Kalevala, Vainamoinen and famous old Finnish paintings in the art museum Ateneum.
And even much more than that I have seeked to learn from the wild nature, especially from nature views and the little birds called tit, "tiainen" in Finnish. I have always been aware of the differencies of animals' lives and human lives, so I have always copied only features that go surely right in any case, like keen eyes, the widening of attention when one is in pleasant mood, sports skills, things on a very general level and lately communication skills.
I have also valued the profoundity of the ideal of life like in the Orthodox New Valamo (which in Finnish means roughly "my oath") monasteryin eastern Finland, and tried to reach for similarly healthy feeling responsible way of living myself. But my parents and the upbringing I got were purely atheistical.
I have also always thought that Finnish women are more intelligent than Finnish men, so I have copied mostly from women but seeked to follow and discuss with the views of all.
From about 30 years of age to maybe 30 I read about zen, Tao-Te-Cing and  New Age books. I also read poetry and considered it good for developing intrelligence since it pays attention to atmospheres, feelings and different ways of looking at things. Similarly I have valued music and art at large.
To be clear, I have always considered the wild animals and in some sense also the tress\ looks superintelligent. I consider also religion very intelligent but don\t have much experience in it.
I value especially practical professions for wisdom of life. Similarly I value sports.

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