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Open-minded practise brings great skill

My main goal in life has all my life been to live a happy fulfilling life. One side of that is to have a world that is good to live in. So one little thread among all my personal endeavours has always been to not to ruin the living conditions in the world at large and to do my little share of making the world a better place to live in. In practise that has meant for me to alongside my other life endeavours to build a picture of the whole world so as to see what my deeds affect in the world at large, and to live a happy life with healthy mind and spirit, with healthy natural ages old ways of living as far as I can arrange in this modern world, so as to lead my social environment and the society on my part to ways of living that are good for living a good life now and in the future.
Building a good picture of the world needs an ok thinking ability. So since I like all the other kids needed to go to school, I took building these to be one of the tasks that school could help me to do. Since I had academical parents, that together with school brought me enermous amounts of thinking practise in school like things. Personally I valued the school dropouts most, so I took to my heart to value wisdom of life and not to let questions go unanswered if school did not manage to find them any answers. My likings supported sports, arts and handiworks and true friendship.
Later on I studied in the university and copied from there the inclination to value intelligence and the goal of developing in intelligence. But I did not value the university. Instead I valued New Age, physical work, sports, greatly arts, religions, women's wisdom and feminism, some philosophers and intellectually demanding good quality books, animals, natural communication, free time, the nature, friendship, global responsibility, wisodm of life etc. I took these also as things which bring greater wisdom than university studies. Only after I quit my studies in teh university and was submerger in all these kinds of things, I started to develop in intelligence. I noticed that I could find answers to many questions that most university students could not. Communicational skills became of major importance, so also teaching skills in teaching intelligence and completely new ideas and new ways of looking at things, also teaching talents.
Later on I started writing, at first that was a continuation of my university conversations in environmental issues and later on I just tried what I could maybe solve on my own if I was allowed to use my own point of view which brought many answers to questions where the university professions were stuck. So at first I wrote down some answers, then more, mostly about the rational selfishness-based grounds for good moral. So I wrote my first booklet "Power Politics Brings Excellent Moral". Since I had managed to write my thoughts down, I tried writing down also the more unusual rational views that women's culture has, I thought that my university background was a good ground for that, so I wrote a book about the hard rationality of following feelings fully in the light o9f the theory of evolution. Later on I wrote about the beautiful picture of the world that these pieces of understanding lead to: my paradise theory. Good is a valuable asset in the tough world. If only people all over the world could understand it...
Having written down these academical style of things, I was left with a liking towards philosophy of life and animal kind of intelligence. So I started writing down advices which support more natural more fficient ways to think and develop in skills. This produced my hundreds of soundless text videos about developing in intelligence and in skills at .
Having written about developing in skills, I wanted to learn something myself, something that I would like and which would let me enjoy the benefits that a greater skills could bring and which would for the first time in my life let me do something relying in my own skills and not just in university lessons. I started training my dogs, to see if I could show how intelligent animals are, so that humans could believe that they had a lot to learn from animals and that those were also lessons well suited to living in the modern world with it's cities, schooling etc. Having taught my dogs, I wanted to teach myself something too, and so I enjoyed greatly learning about arts: painting, composing and singing and learning about dance.
As I have in the past decades learned a lot about thinking, I have risen to meet ever more criterions about true objectivity, worth and profoundity and usefulness. I have come to value observational skills that can be taught by sports, physical work, love for the nature, sensitivity to animal communication, sincerety, religion, arts, friendly social life etc. And in thgought I am interested in that they could successfully solve major unanswered problems of the world (This is often achieved by using new perspectives which bring new answers.), do this in healthy ways that are good to use in the long run and easy to adopt - which brings the fascination of music to be a model of a good solution: I hear it, so I at once learn it and begin to use it and it makes my life, happiness, social relationships, the world at large and all kinds of endeavour run smoothly, well, enjoyable, withoput any problems, quickly and well, all things work out and that is just born from hearing some little piece of music, seen a short piece of film or a poem! Yes, nowadays I think that a good thought has the form of art!!!

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